Company Profile

LowPower Semiconductor (LPS) is the world's leading analog chip design company focusing on power management ICs. With design centers located in the United States, Taiwan, mainland China and sales offices worldwide, LPS is committed to provide customers with total power management solutions and prompt technical support.


LPS provide total power managements solutions for the following market sectors:

1. Consumer electronics market: MID, LCD TV, DSC, PMP, Game

2. Communication electronics market: Mobile phone, Wireless LAN / XDSL / Router

3. Computer peripheral electronics market: notebooks, desktops, handheld computers, and peripherals such as CD / DVD ROMs, displays and disk drives.

4. Wearable electronics market:

5. Internet of Things electronics market

LPS supplies analog IC components to its customers with the following product lines:

1. Battery charger (Fast Charger) ICs

2. BMS ICs


4. Buck ICs

5. PMICs

6. OVP / OCP ICs

7. Backlight White-LED driver ICs

8. Panel Power solution ICs

9. Audio Amplifiers ICs


Thank you for your attention and support of LPS, we will continue to make big R & D investments, strive to provide the industry with better products, and strive to become the field of dreams for talented pioneers.



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